Filamentive 1.75mm ABS


Low warping, limited smell and premium print quality – but with the added benefit of being produced from factory waste streams as opposed to virgin pellets.


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ABS is a common 3D printer filament, famous for its strength. However, ABS is also infamous for warping, having a strong odour whilst printing, and being generally environmentally unfriendly. Filamentive has changed this – rABS is actually only 60% ABS, making it less impactful on the environment. We have also ensured that the material has minimal warping, as well as excellent adhesion – both interlayer and to the heated bed. Containing only 60% ABS does not compromise its mechanical properties; Filamentive rABS has enhanced strength compared to regular ABS. The ideal material if you require strong, lightweight parts.


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Colour - 1.75mm

Red – 1.75mm, White – 1.75mm, Green – 1.75mm, Blue – 1.75mm, Orange – 1.75mm, Yellow – 1.75mm, Black – 1.75mm, Silver – 1.75mm, Grey – 1.75mm, Gold – 1.75mm


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