Filamentive 1.75mm PETg


Low warping, limited smell and premium print quality – but with the added benefit of being produced from factory waste streams as opposed to virgin pellets.


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Polyethylene terephthalate – or PET for short – is a common plastic. PETg essentially combines the printing ease of PLA with the strength and durability of ABS. PET plastic originates from non-renewable sources, and recycling rates remain low, which adds to the already large-scale problem of waste plastic. To combat this, Filamentive rPETg is made from recycled PET waste streams, such as plastic food containers and drinks bottles. Our PET filament also features glycol – hence the ‘g’ – which prevents undesirable crystallisation effects that cause standard PET to become brittle. Overall, rPETg is strong, does not warp, and is odour neutral; a perfect all-rounder, ideal for those strong and durable parts. It is even safe for food contact!


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Colour - 1.75mm

Red – 1.75mm, White – 1.75mm, Green – 1.75mm, Blue – 1.75mm, Orange – 1.75mm, Yellow – 1.75mm, Black – 1.75mm, Silver – 1.75mm, Grey – 1.75mm, Gold – 1.75mm, Transparent – 1.75mm


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